How is the Lifeline service set up in the home?
We will schedule an appointment to install and test your home unit.  Since the setup is easy, this usually takes less than an hour. We will answer any questions to ensure that you are fully comfortable using the Lifeline service.    We also offer the option of having the unit shipped directly to you with very clear instructions for setting it up yourself.

What if I move?
Simply provide us with a few weeks notice and we can transfer your Lifeline medical alert service to your new or second home.

How will I learn to use the Lifeline system?
If we perform the installation we will carefully explain the unit so that everyone understands how it works. You may also refer to the User Manual.  If the unit is shipped directly to you a simple press of the button will connect you to a response associate who can answer all of your questions.

What happens if I push the medical alert button and can’t get to the phone?
The Lifeline unit contains a highly sensitive speakerphone. If you still can’t hear it or answer, we will immediately follow up according to the instructions in your profile.

How far away from the home unit will the Lifeline button work?
With our HomeSafe products, you can be in another room or on a different floor of your home. We’ll instruct you how to test your button’s range to see if it works outside on your porch, in your garden, or elsewhere on your grounds. With our GoSafe products, satellite navigation technology can locate you whenever there is an unobstructed line of sight to four or more Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites. This technology will allow you to use your service even when you are not at home.  In addition if you are within range of an AT&T cellular tower we can talk with you from the GoSafe pendant.

How can I be sure the Lifeline system is working?
We encourage you to press your button once a month to ensure that Lifeline is working properly.  The base unit performs an automatic self-test to ensure it can communicate to the Lifeline headquarters.

Can Lifeline be used if there is an Internet connection being used on the same telephone line?
Yes, but a filter must be installed on the line, just as it is for your other phones.

Will calling for help with my Lifeline cause me to have higher telephone bills?
No. All help and test calls to our Response Center are through a toll-free number.