GoSafe System

Feeling safe shouldn’t be constrained to your home environment. Ideally, you’d like to feel safe and secure wherever you might be! Whether that’s walking to your mailbox or going on vacation, feel confident with 24/7 access to help at home and outside on the go with our GoSafe line of medical alert systems.

GoSafe is the new mobile personal emergency response system from Philips Lifeline.  Designed for those that are looking for an easy-to-use system that can help provide them with a sense of confidence to continue to get out and live life to the fullest.  The GoSafe system provides a number of advantages, including:

  • Two-Way Voice Communication right from the GoSafe pendant.
  • AutoAlert* fall detection capabilities that can automatically place a call for help if a fall is detected and the user is unable to push the GoSafe help button.
  • Six location technologies designed to help locate the user in a variety of situations – home or away, indoors and out. **
  • Ability to call multiple contacts so you can have your child or neighbor contacted if you want.
    24/7 access to our Response Centers.
  • Access to help through a simple, easy-to-wear, waterproof button. The same button is all you need to access help while in your home or outside on the go.
  • A rechargeable battery in the button that lasts up to seven days between charges. A unique, senior-friendly charging cradle allows GoSafe to be worn even while charging.
  • The quality of Philips Lifeline, an FDA registered medical device manufacturer.

How It Works

Press your Mobile Help Button at any time.

  • If you are at home, it will activate your in-home Communicator and place a call to our Response Center.
  • If you are not in range of your in-home Communicator, your Mobile Help Button leverages the AT&T Wireless Network and places a call to our Response Center.
  • The GoSafe pendant can automatically call our Response Center for help if a fall is detected and you are unable to push your Mobile Help Button.

Monthly service starts at $54.95.  Requires one-time GoSafe mobile button purchase of $149.

* Please see the AutoAlert page for more details.

** Please see the GoSafe Help Button & Charger page for more details.