HomeSafe System

The HomeSafe System includes a Help Button, a Communicator, and 24/7 access to our U.S.-based Response Center Associates. You can choose a Help Button pendant to wear around your neck (pictured in the center) or, if you prefer, a wristband style Help Button (pictured on the right).  With a simple push of your Lifeline help button – tucked discreetly inside your clothes or worn outside – you’re connected to our Response Center.

An optional AutoAlert pendant (pictured on the left) can automatically call for help if a fall is detected and you are unable to push your Help Button. It detects greater than 95% of falls.  Other features: High detection rate of true falls, compact pendant is designed to be both easy to use and easy to wear, lightweight and waterproof, can be comfortably worn inside or outside clothing.

Monthly service starts at $29.95 per month without AutoAlert. *

Monthly service starts at $44.95 per month with AutoAlert. *

* Please see the AutoAlert page for more details.